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{ chronic|obsessive }

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Don't use this anymore. You can find all this stuff (and new things) over at my Dreamwidth account.
20th century history, adobe photoshop, agnosticism, alexander the great, ancient rome, angel, arch linux, assassin's creed, back to the future, batman, batman begins, battle of stalingrad, blackadder, books, braveheart, britain, british tv, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, casino royale, cats, centrism, computers, conservatism, darla/angelus, doctor who, downhill skiing, dungeons and dragons, erotica, erwin rommel, espionage, european history, evanescence, fanfiction, fantasy, fencing, fiscal conservativism, free software, gaming, german, german democratic republic, german history, gladiator, history, indiana jones, islamic history, james bond, japan, jon stewart, joss whedon, kde, kittens, lawrence of arabia, liberalism, libertarianism, linkara, linux, lord of the rings, love, middle east, movies, muse, nazi germany, novel writing, open source software, oskar schindler, our lady peace, palestine, pirates of the caribbean, playstation 3, politics, ralph fiennes, robin hood, roleplaying, rome, roses, rpgs, science fiction, secularism, sex, shrek, spartacus, spider-man, spoony, spy novels, stephan colbert, swimming, t.e lawrence, the colbert report, the crusades, the daily show, the dark knight, the english patient, the great depression, the hundred years war, the internet, the iranian revolution, the matrix, the middle ages, the nostalgia critic, the prestige, the princess bride, the russian revolution, the vampire diaries, three days grace, video games, villains, wallpapers, watchmen, world war 1, world war 2, writing