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A Master Wallpaper! ^^
Cherik! By oh-freckle @ dw
- 1 Wallpaper (The Master)
- Want, take, have
- No icons? Yeah, I'm getting lazy

1280 - 1024

End Notes: Yeah, really liked this one, I might make it into a layout for my icon journal, since I need a new one.

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oh yes, this is cool!

It's so evil it's beautiful. I certainly will be snagging this. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and out of pure curiosity where did you get that master picture, the one of him just standing there- looking masterful?

I got it from dw_scans.

They posted a whole ton of hi-res Master scans, although I had to sharpen the image a bunch. And yes, I did a lot of drooling when I found those.. they were begging to be used.


Taking and putting on the DT!


Oh, awesome! Thanks! *saves and uses*


loving it!! that face XD ftw

I love it! *saves for possible later use * :-)

Ahh it's not showing up again :( Any idea why?

Hmm... this is really weird. What browser are you using, per chance?

Also, I guess you could drop me a line at and I'll just email you the size of your choice.


I'm using Firefox, I tried looking at it in IE and it still wouldn't load :( I have no idea why it just seems to be mine and I'm sorry for causing all the fuss :S

You would really email me it? Thank you so much! I just love ANYTHING to do with the Master :p

Sure I'd email it to you! Just drop me a line at the email provided above, so you don't have to give away yours here.... or if you've got MSN/AIM, I do, too (see my profile)

Also Firefox is awesome.. I thought you might've been using some odd browser.. but it must be my server's fault. Weird.

Oooh I can not wait to see these episodes! Saxon looks sooooo evil and sexified! Damn Vista!

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